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How can change the system mail [email protected] while sending mails


How can I change the "app_name" while sending mails

I want to change it to a custom mail id that I have
Not ‘[email protected]

Is it possible to change like that
I have set up sendgrid and pasted the api
But it saying failed vaildating because i don’t have [email protected]

Is there any way that i don’t want admin instead i want to be my personal mail id

Pls help asasp

Hi there @ananthurg77,

In your app setting > custom domain/email you should be able to set a from email that’s not [email protected]….


when I tried first it doesn’t showed me that option but colleague has some how managed to set up but i am facing this issue

Whenever a user signs up I use this confirmation email which was working very well when I was using bubble system mail, but when I changed to send grid account it is not sending any confirmation mail to my outlook account but works okay if I use my google account. Even though it is listed in the promotion tab.

why this is happening?

This is happening because of Sendgrid’s poor deliverability. Unfortunately, there is nothing to really fix that except verifying your domain or buying a dedicated IP. Alternatively, you could switch to another ESP like Postmark.

thank you johnny for your immediate response

But how can I implement Postmark like this . I want the mailing system to work just like before and only thing I want to change is my noreply to my mail id

this confirmation mail is just a checkmark in the sign up workflow, right?
There are plenty mailing in different pages. It would help if I could change at once just like I want to work if sendgrid would have worked perfectly

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