Sendgrid admin@ is it possible to change?

When authenticating sendgrid, bubble seems to have hardcoded the requirement to have the sender be “admin@yourdomain”. I have validated hello@mydomain with sendgrid and would like to use that with bubble. That said, I am having issues with sendgrid validating on this admin alias, so looking for bubble alternatives.
Thanks all!

Are you using the sendgrid pulgin?

Nope. Was just using bubbles setup in settings and was only using it for password resets. I’ll install the plug-in but does that influence that setting within bubble where you enter the send grid api and validate? Seems sort of independent to the plug-in.

The send grid plugin has it’s own spot to place your api key and configure. I send my emails from info@domain through that plugin and configuring sendgrid

Thanks for your patience. I must be missing a trick. Yes, I can understand how sendgrid can be used to send emails out via the plugin, but what I can’t work out is the bubble settings which seem to want admin@. This is for the internal password reset email using bubble’s action send password reset email. Here is a screen shot.
Screen Shot 2021-02-27 at 11.42.42 AM

I think to make it easier, just verify your domain with Sendgrid then you should be able to use any email address with your domain


Yeah I agree but ran into a few headaches sendgrid are battling with so just wanted to see if there was a bubble way out of jail. Issues like oh yes domain validation is just not working :grinning:

Thanks all.

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