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How can I change a repeating group based on multiple inputs

Hello! I am trying to figure out how to narrow results in a repeating group based on the inputs from a user. These inputs would look at the Blockspring API I have set up with Google Sheets and then only show the data from rows where the inputs match the database. For example, if the user typed “San Francisco” in the city input and did the dropdown selecting “Condo” the results in the repeating group would return the picture and names for David & Heather.

Do I do the filtering at the group level or at the image/name level? Either way, someone could do a quick step by step on how to do this it would be super helpful.

Thanks so much!

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Also, FYI, the input values I have been typing are the exact matches of those in the database (Google Sheet)

It’s a bit hard for you to get some help if you don’t share an open app that shows what you’re trying to do. Can you try something and share it?

Thanks Emmanuel! I am attaching more screenshots to help solve this problem.

Here is the demo page:

And below are more screen grabs. I tried taking the conditions out of the group and putting them into the image and text fields within the repeating group but that did not work either. Any thoughts?

This is how I would do it. Add a filter after the definition of the data source at the repeating group level (and not in the conditional tab).

See this

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Emmanuel. You rock! Thanks so much for the help. This was exactly what I needed.

For those of you using this as a guide, as an FYI, to get to the list filter just click on the Read Worksheet next to Data source and add the “:filtered” text. It will bring up the List filter menu.

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I have a similar use case. Is there a way to filter the data source for multiple fields (e.g., 5 or 10 fields) and have it not filter for a specific field unless a value is selected from that field?

Big picture, I’m looking to add faceted navigation to our app in numerous places and am wondering if there’s a straightforward way to do it.


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