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How can I add "https:" to a file's URL?

Hi, noob here. I have uploaded a file to an s3 bucket. When I try to pass the file’s url to the Speech to Text plugin, I get the error: “…url should start with http”

I see that the file’s URL comes back as “//…”

I realize that this error is coming from AssemblyAI, but to address it: how can I prefix the file’s URL with “https:” ?

I assume that I am missing something very basic here :slightly_smiling_face:


edit: here it is

edit2: If you are an AssemblyAI person seeing this, after you click the link above, then click on the dark grey box “When Button Upload is clicked.” You will see the workflow that attempts to use your API.

Hey @adamczyrek

Here is a workaround:

  1. Add a field URL (of type text) to your Job data type
  2. In Step 1, save the file’s URL in this newly created field by typing https:File Uploader’s value
  3. Use this as dynamic value in Step 3

Let me know if that works

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YES! This solved a problem I was having with using an iframe plugin that requires a URL. Thank you!

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