How to change text color?

How can I change the text color?

Hi @albertbuenaventura12 :slight_smile: Welcome to the forum! To change the text color, you can double-click the text to open the property editor and click ‘remove style’:

This will bring up the option to change the text color and style:

Alternatively, you can keep the style by clicking ‘edit style’

And changing the color in the Styles tab:

By using Styles (without remove it the current Style, or by creating new Styles), you can apply each defined Style to other text elements so they are formatted in the same way. The benefit of keeping Styles aside from organization, is that the app will load faster compared to removing the style and individually styling each element in the app. :slight_smile:

@fayewatson Nice it works! Thanks so much, I actually does have lot of questions hahaha this is just one of my many questions.

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My pleasure, @albertbuenaventura12! :slight_smile: Just incase you haven’t seen them yet, you might find these free videos helpful as well!

Bubble’s Videos:

Coaching Bubble Videos:

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@fayewatson Do u work for bubble?

@dosas.rp I don’t, I’m just a volunteer moderator :slight_smile:

@fayewatson do you know how to make a form or any videos I can watch?.. Because what’s happening is that I can make a form put some boxes where they can type their name,email,phone etc… But after clicking the save button I don’t where the information goes?.. so what I’m trying to do here is I’m making a form where it’s like some type of employee form, which applicants needs to fill out all the required fields and then they will need to click the submit button once completed then that form will be stored in the website where only selected people can view it. How can I do that?