How can I charge automatically on Stripe?

Hi forum,

I am trying to create something / use a plugin to charge my Users automatically when they reach a X amount of € spend on our platform.

Doas anyone have experience with this?

Like to hear from someone!


You can just create a backend workflow (maybe a database trigger) to charge the user once a certain condition is met.

Okay! Will try this. Thanks a lot!

You could also use Stripe’s metered billing so they customer gives their credit card once and knows they will be charged based on usage.

If you choose metered billing, you can use the PriceWell plugin to record the usage of your customer.


Wich value should I use in “Charged user”, this is the Stripe plugin provided by Bubble.
The customer ID?


No, it should be a User.

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Okay! How can I retrieve the Card id? I created a backenflow and I can get the Customer ID, but not yet the Card ID. Any idea’s for this?

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