How can I create a button that filters results from a list?

This is my mobile app. Its very simple and there are is a list of cards with job names on it.

I would like to filter the ´cook´ cards when clicking a button. How can I do this?

Hi there @casas.farach,

Are you using a database object for the job cards, with a text field for name? And is your “list of cards” currently a repeating group whose data source is search for job cards? To accomplish this type of filtering, you should add a constraint to your repeating group search. This constraint would be Name = [text]. This [text] can be stored in a number of places. I would recommended creating a custom state on the repeating group (or somewhere on the page that is intuitive to you) of type text. You could also create a group of type text and put it outside or nearby your repeating group.

Either way, you’ll want to make sure you update this text - either the custom state or the group of type text, depending on which you choose - to “cook” when you press the Cook button. Because your repeating group search is filtering for Name = [text], and because this [text] is actually a reference to either the custom state or the group of type text, your list should filter down to the Cook cards once you’ve updated the [text].

Does this make sense? I’m happy to set this up in a demo app if you’d like. Let me know.

Happy Bubbling!

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Thanks David! Let me try that out and let you know.

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