How can i create a COMPARISON TABLE?

Im trying to showcase my different plans for my application, just like Bubble has it:

You can find it under pricing > See full comparison (if you want to take a look)

My question is, what is the easiest way to accomplish this? I’m been trying to search around but no luck, sadly.

You can sign up for a service like made with frames. They have templates that are really tidy! Also Atomic Fusion is excellent

So there is not a simple way to build it myself? Im trying to learn along the way

If you’re wanting it as a comparison table then yeah, just learn about responsive design and find something you like, then try to replicate it. There’s lots of tutorials on YouTube & has a great course by @gregjohnkeegan

But not a tutorial for just this right?

Not that I’m aware of no. There is Gregory’s video on building tables here:

This will give you the tools to build the pricing table. But it’s not the exact thing you’re looking for

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Bubble is actually working on a table builder - I’m not sure what stage that is in or when they’re looking to release it, but it should make building something like this easier.

I’d recommend looking at the Bubble Essentials Kit

They have a table component almost exactly like the one in your screenshot:

The Bubble Essentials kit doesn’t work like a traditional plugin in Bubble - you instead install a Chrome browser extension, which gives you this button on the left side of the editor:

  • clicking it launches a pop-out on the right side of the screen, where you copy elements you want to use straight onto your editor. Once pasted, you can customize / edit in whatever capacity you need.

Thank you! Will take a look at that!

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