Templates for a Price Comparison Site?

It’s going to be a price comparison site. Would there be any templates which would help make this easier (I’ve listed my features down below)? Also, I’ve never really created anything as such with bubble .io so would it take long to learn how to be able to implement this kind of stuff?

My slightly more difficult features for the site would be:

  • There are 2 types of companies we will work with and they are those that provide products and those that provide services. Services are things such as self-storage/ restaurants and products are physical items. This means there needs to be a catalogue way of searching for the products and services as well as a search bar function which would separate these 2 types. I think some sort of drop down next to the search bar could help with this.

  • The product page would also need to show the different retailers and their prices with the discount applied and I think this would need to be web scraped but I don’t know much about any of this kind of stuff and then it will work off an affiliate link system.

  • Other optional features would be including things like users saving their search preferences for different things. So they could create separate filters in their account. This means a user could select the brands or price ranges which they want to appear for a clothing search or when shopping for shoes or technology etc. That side would be up to the users to create

  • When hovering over a listing it should show the top 3 cheapest prices.

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