Is Creating a Dynamic Comparison Site Possible?

I’m a bit new to the concept of Bubble, but have a high level understanding, hopefully this type of question is ok!

Wondering if it’s possible to create a comparison table like this: in Bubble, or if that’s best written custom by code?

Overall architecture:

  • The site would compare lots of different software brand comparison pages
  • Compares anywhere between 2-5 different software brands
  • Shows attributes in many groups

Me as the admin:

  1. I can upload a new software brand via CSV with attributes
  2. When I update attributes for one software brand, it updates across all pages it’s being used
  3. Can decide to hide or display different groups of attributes depending on comparison page
  4. Everything is done as scalable as possible, with minimal amounts of manual editing page by page

That’s the overall idea - any feedback or pointing me in the right direction would be great!

Yes, Bubble should be able to do all of this without much trouble.

Getting Started
I’d check to see if there’s a template for something like this that someone has already built in Bubble. Here’s the primary place I’d check for that.

If not, then the best path forward likely depends on your budget, timeline, and desired quality. With Bubble, can you learn to build all of this on your own. That said, it’s usually quicker to pay for a training course or two up-front to accelerate your ability to get things done in Bubble.

Additionally, you may want to spring for a coach (for $50-150/hr) to spend 5-20 hours to help you with the most challenging aspects of your project. Many of the coaches will co-work with you over Skype (or similar) so you can see how they’re solving problems which helps you get better as well. I found this particularly helpful when I first started.

There are also a few shops that could build the entire thing if you’re looking to go fast and have a $10k+ budget (exist budget really depends on the requirements).

Once you have a better sense for which of these paths, then I suspect a lot of additional detail for each of these has is covered in detail in the forum.

Welcome to Bubble Joe!

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