How can I create a list of Auto-updated Order numbers?

I’m trying to figure out a way to generate “Order Numbers” for purchasers on a site.

Customer clicks button to confirm purchase, I’d like Bubble to create an order number for the purchase and then and then write that order number to a CSV file.

So say I have a .csv file with number 0 in the field. I’d like bubble to look at the CSV file, see the 0 and add 1 to that number (so the first order would come out as order 1, the next as order 2, etc.). Bubble should write this new number to the spreadsheet so that the next time it looks, it will see that order number and know to add 1 to get the next order number)

I would then like to display this order number to the customer on my order confirmation page

Were you ever able to figure this one out? I’m currently in the same situation.