How can I create a table without data but with input fields without using the repeating group element?

Hello guys,

I am trying to recreate this with bubble:

I basically know how to create a table with a repeating group that takes data from a database. But since I am not pulling any data I am not able to use the repeating group.

Sureley I could just create each field by itself but this is against the DRY concept and if I wish to change something in the future I might have to change it too many times for each element.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

You can use a list of numbers for the RG data source…

If it’s a fixed number you could use a custom state list or an option set for that list, or you can use the toolbox plug-in.

Could you elaborate this a little bit please? I don’t see the concept just yet.
Thank you!

Here’s a simple example, with a dynamic number of rows, using the toolbox plugin’s ‘List of Number’

Dynamic RG rows with Numbers


Wow a huge thank you for providing an example. I am really thankful!

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