How to create such a table? (trying to use a repeating group)

Hi, I’m trying to create such a table for each logged in user (Figure: tablex

I used a repeating group but it does not work . There will be a lot of data, so it is necessary that the form scrolls.
Is it possible to build this using a repeating group? Any ideas?

Well firstly, repeating groups display rows of things rather than rows of fields. Your repeating group will not show

Fruits 1
Vegetables 2
P’s 3
Q’s 6

It will show a list of Table X’s, which is just one thing. What exactly is Table X? What are you trying to do? In the repeating group cell, put a text element with dynamic data ‘Current cell’s table X’s vegetables’ and it’ll display 2.

But I’m sure you’ve gotten confused with how repeating groups and databases work, so it would help if you explain the use case more

Thank you . after your words, I figured it out (

). But in my table in a column - the list will be more than 50 rows. And in the column of users, for example, there are 100,000 different ones. Then the table I think will become too large. Therefore, I did not want to use this method.