How can I create an "Uber-like" filter to a repeating group based on the current map view?

I have looked everywhere on the forums but cannot find an answer to this question. How can I create an “uber-like” filter to a repeating group based on a current map view? In other words, as a user clicks and drags the view of the map, as well as zooms in and out, how can I make it so that a repeating group filtered on such a view dynamically represent what is in the view of the map?

Would be very interested to get an answer for that.

I think there are 2 features that would tremendously benefit the maps element:
1- Allow to retrieve current markers list (instead of only current marker)
2- Being able to retrieve the current map’s zoom (somehow we can get the map’s center address but not the zoom)

@destryhunt.dh I looked at this from all angles but I can’t figure out a way to solve your (and my) issue.

@Bubble Is there something we don’t see ?

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@Tomdez1989 For (1) a list of markers is retrieved if there are a list of locations to be mapped. (2) would be a feature request and a custom plugin might be a good fit for this.

@neerja Thanks for the answer, our question is more like I “do a search for Something’s address” as Map’s data source, this list is displayed on the map. But once you zoom in, only a fraction of those markers are shown on the map. I want to get this reduced list of addresses, i.e. the ones shown on the zoomed in map, kind of what Airbnb does.

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@Tomdez1989 Thanks for the context. We will look into this request but cannot guarantee a timeline.


Our engineering team confirmed they will revisit the ‘reduced / zoomed in list of addresses’ request in the coming months. The feature request for exposing zoom level has been deployed and should be available now.

Hi @neerja thank you guys for exposing the zoom level.

Please do you know how we can get the map instance of the Google map element on a page?

If we could get the map instance we could easily extend the map functionality in Javascript or in a plugin without always asking your engineers to extend the functionalities.
For example I know how to easily return the reduced list of markers if I can get hold of the Google map instance of the map element. Thanks

Thank you for the response, and especially for the shared interest.

This is exciting. I will check it out and let you know how it works for me.

I share your same interest seanhoots.

Hi @neerja, I see the zoom level now and this is a great progress. However that would be nice to be able to apply dynamically this zoom level in the workflow when setting map zoom.

The request seems weird, why would I want to know the current zoom level of my map, and then set this value as current zoom level in the workflow. The thing is that I have two maps, one floating, the other non-floating (since we can’t set an element to float from a given scroll position), one is showing when the other is not and vice versa.

When a user zooms in/out, modifies the center address in one of the maps, I need the center address and zoom level of the other map to adjust accordingly. But currently, we can’t dynamically set map’s zoom in the workflow (as shown in the screenshot). Would it be something easy to implement like when you added the zoom level ?

Also, as a suggestion, that would be extremely nice to be able to determine when a floating group starts to float without having to install third party plugins, this zoom level issue thing would not be an issue in the first place (at least in my case).


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