Showing items from map

What is the proper data source to show items from Map’s Zoom level?

hey @JohnT

Could you pop some more detail in here as to the problem you are tying to solve?

Map locations infer an address from a Latitude and Longitude value and you can set zoom levels in your maps display which will show more detail as you zoom in.

I’m trying to display a list of items on the same screen as a map.
I want only the items to show per the “map’s zoom level” but it keeps asking for more data within the structure other than just “map’s zoom level”

Sorry I’ve been away.

So you need to express the maps zoom level as a number if you are comparing numeric values hence why Bubble is asking for more.

The map shows the starting zoom level in properties but this can be changed by the user of course.

You could do a conditional on the map properties like this

Or a conditional on numeric properties in another field like this

Or if you want to mess with text, set a custom state to be triggered when the zoom level hits a threshold.

Let me know if this fixes your problem

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Will give this a try! Thank you for the Help!

I cant get it to work. I’m using a list of addresses to show on the Map, then implementing a repeating group to this side which will show the data from the map per the map’s zoom level. I’m also not using any inputs at this time.

Not sure I get what you are trying to do there. Perhaps some screen shots would help?

As you click on your addresses, they show in the map and the zoom level then controls what’s displayed in the RG?

If thats right, then you need to filter on the RG source with the maps current zoom level . How you approach that I can’t answer without a more details example of what you are looking to fix :smiley:

![Screenshot (161)|230x499](upload://lSUSM9rhPziMoOoL3RIqWG0uS8N.png

The conditions on the Map for the Zoom doesn’t do anything I’m looking for.

I would like to simply show data on the map per the zoom level and also show that same data on the Repeating group next to it

I’ve tried everything but nothing is working

OK Got it - you want to show the list of items that reside within the boundary of your map.

I think you have it mostly there. If you just search the list you will see only items the fit on the map. There is an ionic plugin that works on range as well that you could send a KM value that changes with zoom level.

heres a demo I found for you Bubble Intermediates: Map element display things within X km - YouTube

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Thanks Johnny, ill check it out!

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