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Bubble developer/teacher required preferably in Bristol UK

Hi, I want to create a marketplace but I have no tech knowledge whatsoever aside from using Wix to build a previous website. I have a small budget to pay a developer to help me to create my market place using Bubble so that I can have the full control to customise it how I like further down the line. I would like to know…

  1. Has anyone ever done this before? What was your experience like? Can you now work bubble alone?

  2. Where is the best place to advertise for my developer/teacher? Here?

I’d check Levon and team have some cool templates on there, including a marketplace one.

As far as learning goes, you should check out @iamsalar courses on Udemy, or, or the codelessacademy. Lots of options for learning!


Thanks for this Potentialthings. Yes I had already seen these templates, and the learning course which both looked great but I have now discovered Cobubble which seems to offer everything I need, and seems as if it will be faster than learning it all myself… I would still appreciate any responses from freelancers however.