How can I delete an extra/unnecessary group?

Suppose I accidentally created a group around a group. The outer group serves no function. What’s the easiest way to detach it from the inner group so I can delete it?

Move the inner group out of it, then delete the outer group, then move it back to the spot it was at

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Thanks. Easier said than done sometimes.

Or I guess another way is doing this: Shrink the inner group size, then control+click the inner and outer group, right click, there should be a option that says “Ungroup Elements” or something along those lines

What @johnny suggested will work. :+1: As an alternative, you can also use the function called ‘ungroup these elements’, then it will ungroup it and you can delete the group.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Thanks. Yes helpful. Problem is that ungroup option is not always available.


Ohhh, I guess I haven’t seen it not come up yet. That would be annoying. Sorry. :cry:

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