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Delete a group without deleting its content

I grouped a profile page so I could use the ‘Center relative to parent’ tool. However, grouping often makes it hard to access individual elements. In a more common case, if a group is created with a group of the same size, deleting one is not possible without deleting the other. (which results in the deletion of both)

How can I delete a group without deleting it content?

In the editor, top left next to the Bubble logo, you can see the drop down to choose the page you are working on. Next to this is the Element drop down, where you can select a specific element, in this case the group which is “outside” the group you want to keep, and delete it. But I think you need to make a copy of the “inner” group that you want to keep first.

I wish there was a better way, seems like this is it though. Thanks.

Using the Element drop down is a very easy way to access individual elements, especially when they are on top of each other.

Yeah, I think it has saved every Bubblers’ frustration at some point.