How can i deploy my app with issues?


is it possible to deploy my app with issues?

i build off the app on a 3 party template, the template had way more functionalities that i needed, so make things fast i just modifity what i needed.

I tried the app in preview mode and it works fine, the issues are mostly reffering to section of the app that i have restriced access to user so not relevant, but not want to delate to not run in risk to change something relevant for the visible part.

I would never do it, but…

That being said… it’s not particularly difficult to resolve issues which are basically of two types: (1) type mismatches and (2) empty required fields. Just checkpoint your project and then delete the offending elements.

For the record this isn’t a bug

Good point, Johnny… and now it’s not. :slight_smile:

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Yeah it’s definitely possible!

Add &issues_off=true to the end of your editor URL


Nawl, you can’t deploy a broken app.

Pretty sure you can

I’m down to learn something new. Show me. Until then =>

What? Add &issues_off=true and try it.

Correct. Set issues off and deploy.

Wouldn’t recommend it though.

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