Duplicating a list of things into a new list of things

My app is being developed to be used by my business, so learning bubble as a non-coder. LOVING it.
One bit I’m stuck on. I’ve got a app for managing PRODUCTS being designed, and for each of those, COST_DETAILS for elements of work or materials in the Cost of Goods Sold. I am trying to create duplicate items with all the cost elements copied into a new item. Unfortunately, I can duplicate all fields into a new thing and append a (copy) onto the product name, but I cannot seem to work out how to copy the list of cost details.

UX looks like this:


The PRODUCT definition contains Costs as a List of Cost Details. So, 10-20 cost details per product. See definition here:

and here:

I then in my workflow, copy the list of cost details from selected product and use it in the new product being created.


I feel like I’m missing something easy here, but I’ve tried many variations on this without success. Any suggestions on my error?

Hi there, @anon74447199… before I attempt to offer up a solution, I should mention that I had literally never used the Copy a list of things action before, so you can stop reading now if you’d like. :slight_smile:

The above being said, I worked through a test that is very similar to what you have described, and the end result was a successfully duplicated list of cost details and a newly-created product to which the duplicated list was successfully added. However, each duplicated cost detail has a product (SKU) associated with it, and with your workflow (which I recreated in my test), the product associated with each duplicated cost detail is the selected product rather than the newly-created product. So, I added a third step to the workflow that makes changes to a list of things, with the list to change being the result of step 1, and the change being to set the SKU equal to the result of step 2. With that third step in place, I think my test accomplishes your desired result, assuming I have understood your post correctly (which could very easily not be the case).

Anyway, does any of that make any sense, and does it seem like it could be the solution to your issue? I hope this helps, and apologies if I have completely missed the mark on this one.


Oh my gosh, that makes perfect sense. It worked perfectly, you’re a lifesaver. thanks!

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