How can I filter a RG list by availability that's a date span?

Hi all,

I’ve been building my room booking site for weeks and it’s almost done! I just need to figure out how to filter a Repeating Group by Availability that’s a date span.

I’ve scoured the forum trying to find a solve for this, but no luck. I have a feeling it’ll be an easy A-ha fix. So hoping you can help flick on the lightbulb over my head!

Here’s the user flow I’m trying to achieve:

On PAGE 1, a user can select a geographic LOCATION; and FROM and TO dates via calendar dropdowns

The dates are saved in separate FROM and TO fields, as well as a DATE SPAN field in a database table

In a separate RATE database table, I have a DATE list field for when rooms are NOT available (daily bookings).

There’s also a separate ROOM database table for room features’ metadata.

On PAGE 2, a user can see a RG list of ROOMS that match to the selected LOCATION and are available (i.e., do not have a day in their FROM - TO date span that’s NOT available)

If filtering out NOT available isn’t possible, then alternatively, I could instead have a RATE database table that has a YES / NO Availability field for every room’s date.

In that case, then, on PAGE 2, a user can only see ROOMS that are YES available for all the dates within the FROM - TO span.

I just need help figuring out how to only show ROOMS that are available, and their RATES, on PAGE 2 of the user flow.

Hopefully this makes sense. Thx in advance for your help and wisdom.


Would you be willing to share a link to the app? You can pm me if you’d rather, I’ll take a look.

Hi Duke, thx for your reply and for being so awesome via PM!

Glad you were able to figure it out :slight_smile:

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