How can i generate prompt without using chatgpt on bubble

Hello bubblers

I’m encountering an issue with my current project. I’ve been developing a wellness app for a client, and I’m nearly finished, approximately 80% complete. I incorporated ChatGPT into the app to generate prompts, but post-integration, I realized that OpenAI requires a subscription to function. I informed the client about this since I’ve been operating on a free plan. As we approach project completion, I recommended that the client subscribe to OpenAI and also choose a plan on Bubble. When she inquired about the preferable plan, I suggested the one that complements the OpenAI integration. However, the client expressed concerns about the cost, stating that it exceeds her budget. She’s now contemplating discontinuing the project due to potential ongoing expenses, which I fully understand.

I’m exploring whether there are alternative methods to generate prompts within the constraints of Bubble’s starter plan or if there’s another approach to address this issue.


That’s not true. It’s pay-per-use.

This is almost entirely on you if you thought you’d get OpenAI integration for free. The cost is pay per use, the pricing is here

What plan complements an OpenAI integration? What are you on about? You can make API calls in the starter plan…

There are plenty of other AI providers. All of them cost money.