How can I make one word in a paragraph clickable, which responds with a popup?

I am creating an app to help me and my friends improve our fluency in a foreign language we all speak. There are 6 different government approved/initiated ‘levels’ in this language, and I am writing different articles in all of those different levels so that all my friends can choose what level they are at. ""Each of these levels also have a set vocabulary list. In each of the level 3 articles, for example, I want each individual level 3 vocabulary word to be highlighted so that it can be clicked to show a popup that defines that vocab so they can easily learn unfamiliar vocabulary. I can’t figure out a way to only highlight ONE word, except for making a new text box (which created a horrible new set of formatting problems).

You can use BBCode…in the editor, on the text element, click onto the ‘rich text editor’ text button on the bottom right of the input in the element dialogue box.

That will open a rich text editor where you can change the text color, size etc. Once you do that and return to the normal view, you can see how the BBCode looks and start using it yourself to stylize the text ‘inline’ so that you can highlight only specific words or phrases.

In terms of clicking a specific word, I did this in the past and don’t recall exactly what I did, but I think I probably add a link (again using BBCode) to that specific word, and the link had parameters that I used in Conditional workflow triggers on the page to trigger the display of the popup and know which word was clicked…however, since links take a long time to load a page even if the link is for the same page, I probably didn’t use that method and had figured some other way which might have been some custom code using javascript and the toolbox plugin.

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