How do I have each word in a text box trigger an action (workflow action is the same but output will change)

I’m setting up translation on my site and the idea is that when a user clicks a word in the text box a tiny popup will appear to define the word from the text box.I’ve seen some work workflows triggered with HTML but I’m not sure if what I saw would work dynamically for what I need (but if I’m wrong please tell me).

Thanks in advance

That’s a tricky on. Maybe a custom html setup might work. You could put each word in a span with an ID and then do this with Javascript.

If you want to go pure Bubble, try putting an anchor tag around each word, with ahref=#word_text - that will put the selected word in the URL every time you click a word. Then run a Do-When Workflow that shows the corresponding popup depending on what word_text gets put into the URL.

It’s a bit of a workaround but something like that should work

I took this as a personal challenge and built the following simple example:

Simply, the idea is put the text inside a repeating group splitted by space ( ):

In order for the smooth paragraph effect, you shouldn’t have fixed cols and rows and scroll direction will also be Wrapped Horizontally. Setting minimum height to something like 5-10 will also make them look better:

Then, of course group focus is not showing in a repeating group cell. For this you have to create a reusable element:

This reusable element will actually hold the text in each repeating group cell, that’s why the type is text. And you again set all the width and height as small as possible and make things fit to content.

This reusable element has a group focus to show whatever you need:

And it is displayed when the text in the reusable element is clicked of course:

Finally, you add this to the main repeating group’s cell and pass the data:

That’s it :slight_smile:

Here is the editor for the curious minds. Check the eachword page and wordmenu reusable element:

Thanks, this was great I’m still tweaking for design because it’s not my forte but this was everything I wanted!!!

6/5 stars :grinning: