How can I make these 3 buttons work like a radio group?

See screenshot below.

The 3 buttons are more visually pleasing than the radio buttons. Can I style the radio group to look the same way? Or make the buttons work like the radio group ie pass a value to the workflow depending on which one is clicked? As I type this I’m thinking perhaps use a custom state that is set by the button click and pass that?

Appreciate any pointers.

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What I understand from the screenshot, is that you send data once user click on “add”. So you need to use state.
Set a state of type text. When user click on “Watch” set this state to “Watch”. In the condition of the Watch button, set one that will say: When state is “Watch” and change the border to green for example (so user know he have clicked on this option). Do this for each three button.

when user click Add, use the state to set the field to the correct option.


Hi @GB44
Here is a quick video to walk you through it…




Wow, Buck. Super helpful and crystal clear. Thanks and I hope this helps many others.

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