How can I point multiple domains to the same app?

Hello fellow Bubblers, my last post got a super quick response, this one might be a bit trickier but here goes…

How can I get two, three, n domains point to the same app?

For example, I have pointing to

which displays in the address bar.

The tricky part is I want pointing to

while displaying in the address bar.

The motivation here is I want to be my “generic” sign up portal for clients in industries I am not currently serving, while is a brand aimed specifically for loan agents.
. (and I will be implementing the sub-app model here).

In the future, I may have a brand like for landlords.

So that would be 3 domains pointing to the same core app.

Help please! :pleading_face:

hoping the solution is here:

This service: is good enough for now. But I do wish there was a url masking service that provided path forwarding (forwarding query parameters etc)

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