A workaround to use multiple domain for same app

I have found a workaround to add multiple domains to the same Bubble app.
I state that it seems to have some problems with the log in, so I ask if it is possible to solve it in some way.
The advantage is that it is completely free.

To do this, you need:
Portzilla App on CloudFlare
Add domain2.com to main domain domain1.com (set domain1.com on Bubble App as default domain)

On CloudFlare
Add domain2.com to CloudFlare, set Proxied add just one record
CNAME @ to yourappname.bubbleapps.io
Set SSL / TLS on Full
Go in the Apps and install Portzilla to domain2.com
Edit Portzialla and set as:
router name: domain2.com
router url: domain2.com
router targer: Proxies to a remote location
target location: https://yourappname.bubbleapps.io/

On Bubble:
Use accelerate this domain using CloudFlare
Unchecked Redirect all requests to the domain (in domain / email area)

As I said at the beginning, the login does not seem to work very well (I think it depends on some problem in the SSL / TLS encryption).
At the first login attempt you will receive:
“Sorry, we ran into a temporary bug and can’t complete your request. We’ll fix it as soon as we can; please try again in a bit!”
By clicking on the Login button again, everything seems to work

I hope I did something to please, if you have any suggestions you are welcome


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