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How do I replace one app with another app and use the same domain?

I have one app deployed at I created another app and want to replace app 1 with app 2 but still use How does one accomplish this? Thanks!

You could make this change on the apps’ settings, its on the domain tab

Thanks for the quick reply. I tried going to App 2 and setting the domain to, but i get an error msg saying that i already have an app (app 1) that points there. I need to somehow make app 1 not point to the domain and have App 2 point to the domain instead.

Well you delete the records in your domain name manager, not in Bubble.

cool, thanks for the reply. I was able to figure it out. Btw, bubble is pretty cool. I’m using it to build my first site and so far so good. The only issue I’m having now relates to responsiveness and making sure the website looks good on any size monitor. Do you have any tips that aren’t in the tutorial?

You watched the 17-min video?

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I watched about 7 minutes last night. I’m going to watch the rest tonight.