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How can I run workflow every saturday at midnight 12 : am

I have creating a user score board and i want to add 5 bonus score on every Saturday at midnight 12 am without any trigger a button or any click and any type load. just add Bonus score every Saturday automatically.
can you please suggest me how is it possible.
thanks in advance!

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Create a recursive backend workflow that schedules itself to run again the following Saturday an 12 am.

Then just kick it off from an temporary admin page or something like that.

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But recursive backend workflow working when site run in browser, and i want i want to setup a workflow like a cron job.

No… backend workflows run on the backend, not on the browser (the clue’s in the name).

I heard recursive workflow run 5 time, then need to re-initiated ? , if this is the case should we use API workflwo and let it reschedule it selft on each run, ( if it have reschedule els jsut terminate ).

your take on this sir. :thinking:

Where on earth did you hear that?

ohh, that is recurring workflwo, i am sorry.

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I have created a recurring event, but I can’t able pass any parameter like API schedule workflow . I need to add a score according to repeating group score board only first three user. so how can I pass first three user according to repeating group user score.

and 2nd thing is that how recurring event trigger automatically, I think its need to first time trigger a button or some action then it schedule right ?

I’ve literally never used a recurring event… so I can’t really help you there (refer to the Bubble docs)

I just use recursive workflows for this type of thing.

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