How can I send all data I want to MailChimp?

I am currently encountering a problem with Bubble, what I would like to do is retrieve all the information of a user (phone number, status etc.) for this I used Mailchimp Extended - Subscribe Member as you can see here:

but MailChimp does not detect this, it only detects the email address, last name, and first name sent to it from the Mailchimp extended - subscribe action

Could you please help me with this please.
Thank you, and have a nice day.

Hey there @amekrananass,

Maybe it’s an issue with the accents?

Hello @johnny , I tried this with another column name but unfortunately it still doesn’t work :frowning: .

Perhaps it might be an issue with indenting?

how can I find out how MailChimp name the columns in the back end?

From what it looks like in Mailchimp’s documentation you’re supposed to use the Merge Tags values

You can make a GET api request /lists/{list_id}/segments/{segment_id}/members and the response you get back will have the correct field names which you can use in the merge_fields object