How can I set the colour options for a selected product

Hey forum,

Just a quick query that I’ve been a bit stuck on as I am still fairly new.

I’ve got a list of parts, and those parts can come in a variety of colours. On the parts’ page I want to display the colour options before the user requests the part (like on a store where the product can come in multiple colours).

I’ve got the colours set up as an option set in the database.

Then I’ve applied the colours to my database item.

Then I’ve got this spot on the website to display them as coloured circles.

Lastly I’ve got these settings for the image, where I was trying to link dynamic data to display the image attribute of that option sets colour.

Hope this makes sense, I may be way off here and doing it wrong but thought I’d try it myself first before asking how to.

Appreciate any help :slight_smile:

You need to use the expression: Parent group's RollerPart's Part Colour's Colour

From your screen shot, it appears the the Part Colour field on the RollerPart datatype it a ‘list’, so you’ll then need to specify which colour from that list you want to show the image for.

So, for example, add :first item to the end of the expression.

Hey, thanks for your reply.

I got this working! here’s what I did, for anyone else trying to do something similar…

  1. Used a repeating group and made an image in each cell that was linked to my option set of colours.

  2. Set the image inside to the current cell’s colour choices from the option set.

  3. Set the data for the repeating group to the colours allowed from the app data.

As always, big thank you to this amazing community. I wont mark your reply as the solution because I ended up doing this differently and don’t want to provide false information if someone were to use your method above, as I can’t confirm that will work.

But I appreciate you taking time out of your day to assist me with this :slight_smile:

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