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Colour Selection - Representing text as an image from a text list

Hey all !

Looking into how to do something along these lines.

Products held in their own data type.

Product Name
Product Colours - List of Text (Red, Blue, White etc)

I would like to represent the colour like this:

What is the best way to go about achieving this ?

Somehow have Red represented as a Red circle etc - which can be displayed in a repeating group.

Thanks !


Semi Soloution - Would be to use this plug in Air Color Picker Plugin | Bubble

Works virtually the same although drop down not repeating group… so ish.


@bespoke you can achieve this by storing the color hex code (as text) in the Product Colours List (for example #FF1700 for Red), without using any extra plugins.
You can assign dynamic colour = Current Product’s Product Colours, for each circle (that User can select)

I can see how this would work - however if you wanted to have both ‘Scarlett Red’ as a text value (To display the colour name) as well as assign hex code #FF2400 - how would you go about having that within one product ?

@bespoke color/label options will be a predefined by app creator or end-users?

Color options will be defined by app creator - color selection will be made by end user

You can create an options “Colour” with the different labels (scarlet red, cyan, magenta…). For each item, add new attribute “hex color” (#FF2400). User select dropdown using Colour’s Display and dynamically change background color using Colour’s hex color.

If you need more help: [email protected]

Wasn’t familiar with the option set attributes - nice touch.
This seems to offer the solution however each product has its own unique list of colours available.
This means the option set needs to change depending on the product.
The product colour options are held within the product dataset.

When displaying the product colours:

When displaying options:

There needs to be some coms as to which colurs are available for which product and then display a sorted list of opitions…

I will keep trying !