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Product Page - Changing Display Photo depending on Colour Selection

I have a product page which displays a list of colours pulled from the database.

I would like to change the photo of the preview image to display the corresponding colour t-shirt

Eg click red - preview image is red.

Currently the colour selected is a state.



Explore the contains and is in operators

I am familiar with both - however how do I assign a ‘red’ value t the red t shirt picture ? That seems problematic

Put conditionals on the image to change the source of the image based on the color state. Or make the image source dynamic based on the color state.

Are the images saved in your database? If so, give them an attribute that is a color and match off of that. If not, then the conditionals will do what you need but it will be more work.

I would probably make an Option Set of all possible color options. Then give each image an attribute that has a type of the color option set and make the custom state on the page off the same option set. That way the source for the image can be a search for the image where the color attribute equals the custom states color option.

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