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How can I show all users nicknames in repeating group?

I need to display in my “Repeating Group” all nicknames of users.
But I can only display current user’s nickname
What should I do?
video (click me)

I think the data source of your repeating group is set to Current user. Make sure it is Do a search for Users and do not apply any constraint.

I have data here:

Can you show the detail of Search condition.

Hope that what you want: video

Hi there, @Maks… the issue is very likely related to the default privacy rule on the User data type. The rule is This User is Current User, and that rule prohibits the current user from seeing any data other than their own. So, check out the Privacy tab and see if that rule exists. If it does, you can delete it to see if that was causing the issue. That being said, you should circle back and put privacy rules in place when you understand more about them and how they can be used in your app.

Hope this helps.


@mikeloc and @Mahrukh
Thanks for your help, now all is working )



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