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Making a list using repeating group but it only show the current user

Hello guys,

I wanted to display a list of nicknames. I used repeating group (type of content: user & data source: Search for users) and the text element is connected to the current cell’s nickname but when I preview it, it only show the current user.

What is the Solution for this?

Thank you in advance…

Hi there, @del04mrk… check to see if there is a privacy rule on the User data type that is stopping the data from being shown. If there is a rule in place, delete it for now (you can set it up again later) and you should see all of the data in your repeating group.


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Thanks mikeloc, it does have a privacy rule. Its hard for me to find the problem cuz I don’t setup any privacy rule. Now I can pass my 2nd bubble exercise for my bubble training. Sign up/Sign in

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Bubble has a feature to create privacy automatically and the checkbox is by default checked.

Screen Shot 2021-06-15 at 4.50.41 PM

It is annoying because it creates the same problem you experienced for many users

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FYI… Bubble changed the default about a month ago… it is now unchecked by default.

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