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[Help me pls!]How to show all users in Repeating Group?

I set Repeating Group as shown below to get a list of all users.

But the list shows just only the user logged in as below.

Could you please tell me how to get all users into the repeating group?

Hi there, @nakanishi.tatsuhiko… this one comes up a lot these days. There is almost certainly a privacy rule on your User data type (the rule is This User is Current User) that is prohibiting the rest of the users from being shown. To see if that is the case, delete the rule and see if the rest of the users show up. You can (and definitely should) set up privacy rules later based on the needs of your app.




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In addition to what @mikeloc is saying, here you can find instructions on privacy rules:

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Thank you very much @mikeloc ! How quick and simple answer!! thanks to to I can continue my development…

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You too @mateusproto ! I loved your supporting and helpful comment!!

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One thing to think about is the consequence of deleting the privacy rule: it may allow users to access private information of other users. Instead of only deleting the rule, I suggest replacing the default rule with a rule that lets users allow limited information of other users (such as username, and whatever is needed) but keeping other fields like email, etc private.


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This was driving me crazy. Thank you all that chipped in on this.