How can I stop Users reusing free trials?

Hi all,

My app offers a 14 day free trial. When a user deletes their account all of their data (inc. email address) gets deleted for GDPR compliance.

There is now nothing stopping them from signing up again, using the free trial, deleting the account and repeating the process. Edit: I don’t request the user’s credit card details at the start, so it’s quite a lightweight process for the User.

Does anyone have any tips on how to prevent this? Does Bubble store the user’s email addresses behind the scenes at all? The only solution I know would be to store email addresses in my database.

It’ll be interesting to hear how others have dealt with this.

Thank you in advance!

Yup, that’s the only “real” solution that comes to my mind, too. The other thing that comes to mind is a lot “fuzzier” than that.

If users are willing to delete their accounts (including all of their data) every 14 days in order to keep using your app, I personally would be thinking a lot less about how to stop them from doing that and a lot more about why they are doing that. I mean, that’s one heck of an interesting situation… an app that is useful enough to someone that they want to keep using it, but they are willing to start over (meaning the data they entered is not all that useful, apparently) every 14 days? I think that’s the real question here. Maybe you are giving away too much functionality in the free trial, and you need to lock down some features in order to get users to convert. I know of one company that did something like that recently (cough Bubble cough), and it seems to be working out pretty well for them.

Anyway, I’m sure that’s not the “answer” you were looking for, but maybe it’s decent food for thought.



Mike that’s a brilliant response thank you.

My app works as such that losing historic data isn’t a huge loss, which is why the User could be tempted to recycle the free trials.

I think you’re right though, the ‘Freemium’ model is the way to go for this. I didn’t want to go down that route initially but it’s not that hard to implement luckily!

Thanks again :+1:

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