How can I track user usage in my app?

I have an app configured as a SPA with different reuseable elements. Users can create new records and log activities on those records (CRM). Users can also make queries which uses SQL queries to call an external database.

Many users I’m beta testing seem to sign up, log in, but I don’t see any new app data being created. I’m trying to figure out if people are even making queries or navigating around.

How could I track stuff like

  • user signs in, interacts with website for 10 minutes and then becomes inactive
  • user navigated to only certain reuseable elements (which are triggered to show when page parameters are passed by)
  • etc?

MS Clarity will blow your mind.

It’s free.
It works really well (no comment about other MS products)
Look through the plugins and the forum announcements.

Will do, appreciate such a quick response !