Bubble & Microsoft Clarity

Does anyone know if Bubble supports Microsoft Clarity?

Yes it does.
I do have a plugin ready to be released for this, please DM me your app name so you can do a test drive.

Interesting question. The manual install process looks simple enough and I love the price! I’ve installed it and I’ll let you know in 2 hours or so if any data appears. This was perfect timing as I was about to do work on internal tracking.

Can’t beat free, right? Since bubble gives you the ability to add a script or metatags in the header through your settings, it doesn’t seem like you’d need a plugin. I’m going to try it myself so we’ll see who posts results of whether this works or not !

Ok I got in some results and wow, it’s impressive. Note, it doesn’t work if the debugger is active.

Also, you may want to change privacy settings to full masking as you can see everything they are entering as long as it’s not sensitive data by default.

Found the category for rage clicks to be humorous.

Great news. Will try it myself :slight_smile:

It seems to work on the non-logged in site as well. You basically get a video of the actions a user took on the site.

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For anyone looking to use Clarity with their Bubble app, here’s the complete instructions.

To create a new Clarity project and install it into Bubble, do this:

  • Go to Clarity.microsoft.com
  • Click Sign in
  • Sign in with your choice of auth
  • Click + New Project
  • Enter name of project and url of site
  • Click Add new project
  • Under Install manually, click Get tracking code
  • Click Copy to clipboard

Now go back to Bubble to your project.

  • Click Settings
  • Click SEO/metatags
  • Scroll down to Script/meta tags in header
  • Click in the box to the right and paste in the Clarity code from earlier.

Congratulations! You are done! Ensure you update your privacy policies to reflect what you’ve added.

To remove Clarity, remove the code you added to the Script/meta tags in header box.

To view the output,

At the top are links to the various functionality.

  • The dashboard will show you the statistics.
  • The recordings will show you exactly what each user did in their session.
  • Heatmaps show you where people are clicking/touching, depending on what platform is selected.
  • Settings will allow you to integrate Clarity with Google Analytics. The Masking setting may be something you want to modify. It defaults to masking sensitive data but you can change it to mask all data.