Microsoft Clarity & Bubble: behavioral analytics for optimized no-code apps

Having robust analytics on your customers is now simpler and more affordable with the official Microsoft Clarity plugin for Bubble’s no-code web app builder. Users who build and launch web apps with Bubble’s drag-and-drop builder and cloud-hosted platform can now integrate Microsoft Clarity, with unlimited free heatmaps, users, and 100,000 daily session recordings to grow your business. At Bubble, we’re excited to be deepening our relationships with Microsoft’s suite of tools for entrepreneurs and enterprises alike, from Clarity to Microsoft for Startups.

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Wow :astonished:
I can’t wait to install the plugin and setup it

Please don’t exit to Microsoft :pray:


That would be the end of Bubble. Anything sold to Microsoft is where it goes to die.


150%! Anywhere but there!

Thanks for reminding me of this post, recent poster. There’s literally nothing in this plugin. It just installs the Clarity script, you know like you’d do with GTM and crazyegg, hotjar, whatever (even clarity).

At least it didn’t take any time to create!

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Although, I guess I should say, if you just need to install some script and you’re on a free plan, and thus you can’t install the script in headers, just go inspect this plugin for the solution (if you don’t want to use my LOADERR plugin, which attaches scripts to the page AFTER page load… which is useful for scripts that tell you they should be “installed just before the closing body tag”).

Any feedback on using Clarity? How does it compare to other services?

Clarity is quite solid tool and includes most of the features offered by other paid alternatives.

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