How Clean is your Program?

I just began the tutorials for the Bubble builder, right now as i run through them, I am also working on building my first app as well. I noticed there is something called a “Workflow Folder” which has be understanding there is a way to clean up your junk and set them in folders etc.

I am curious if anyone could provide me with a couple screenshots of your Bubble coding to help give me an idea on how to order my programs workflow as I build. What works best for you?

Hi @billr :slight_smile: I’m interested in hearing how other Bubblers do this as well, and I’m sure there are a bunch of different ways, but so far I’ve found it helpful to use workflow folders in order to group workflows by their purpose. For example, here are the folders I have on a “profile” page:

Since the folders are sorted alphabetically by default, I like to always have an “A. Pageload/Every X Seconds” workflow folder since I usually set those workflows up first. Then as I set up each new workflow, I immediately put that workflow into an existing folder or create a new one if needed (e.g., “Follow/Unfollow” for all workflows related to that).

After the page is fully programmed, I then add the “B.” through “Z.” labels to each workflow folder to put it in order of importance, or put similar folders near each other (you don’t have to do this either of course, but I just personally find it easier to manage!)

Then I use these colors for the different types of events:

For more complex workflows, it’s also useful to use the “Notes” section of the workflow event (shown by clicking the icon highlighted below), just to write a sentence or two about what that workflow is for to make debugging easier :slight_smile:


I use most of the time buttons (identified in blue) and state changes (identified in orange). The more tasks you are going to accomplish, the more you will recognize your colors. On the other hand, in ‘Workflow API’ each color represents a section of several workflow, numbered in stages. All colors are allowed in my case! :slight_smile: