Auditing Application and Workflows

Does anyone have any useful tips on how to audit their application to make sure you’ve got all the workflows you want and they’re doing the right thing, etc. I find once you get your application to a certain level it’s really confusing!

For example, I’ve got a fairly complicated string of events that fork off each other, and send emails to various users at certain points. The same event will behave differently depending on different circustances.

When reviewing bubble workflows, everything is linear - you just have one big page of events, one after the other. Yes, you can use different colours and folders to help categorise them, but it’s still hugely linear. Names are limited and confusing once you start to get enough of them.

I’m guessing from the lack of response, nobody else knows either! :sweat_smile:

Ha. Yes. It’s a mess IMO. Also wish there was a better way to keep track of everything.

I’ve literally got 100 flows on a page, and it’s impossible to even name them in a good way, because the bulk of the title is taken up by the type of flow, and the rest of it gets cut off, because the box is to small!

To your first point, have you tried using the “step by step” mode in the preview? I’ve found that really helpful to debug and audit my workflows and privacy rules.

I have 1 page with 307 workflows. My best advice is to use folders, then colors to organize things. I also have the same event multiple times but with many conditions and subsequent custom events. I use folders first then colors to organize them so they are all in 1 folder then each colors is 1 condition or 1 type of condition.
Its very confusing when in the “all workflows” view

I really want to see workflows displayed as a node graph like Unreal Engine 5 Blueprints :crossed_fingers:

You’re right about folders. It definitely helps.

Originally, I was adding folders and colours based on the type of action, but it have just started doing it by group of elements (for example a popup) this lets me narrow everything down to part of the parge that I’m working on - much easier!