How come a user is auto created by default

i have a condition where if current user is logged in then then activity group is invisible and auth group should be visible
BUT when no user is logged in activity group is visible
when i checked debugger it showed a user with unique id, i searched in db and that user was not found in db so how come a user is created automatically ??

if you see that when current user isnt logged in this element is not visible
and again if current user is idle is yes this element is visible

In the app if a user is logged in then only he is idle

Any visitor to an app is temporarily created as a user, isn’t it? I think.

Yes, i also checked in incognito but same issue

Perhaps because of this.


The manual States - “As soon as a Bubble app is opened in a browser, a user session is created. If a user already logged in and hasn’t cleared cookies, the session will be using the same user as before, but in the case of a fresh session (without a logged in user), a temporary user will be created. This user will be marked as ‘not logged in’ (in other words, ‘Current user isn’t logged in’ will return yes).”

But as you can see the screenshot I am getting - current user isn’t logged in as no !

Hey @siddharth :wave:

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I am pretty sure your screen shot is showing that the Current User isn’t logged in is true. That’s why it is green. The visible is ‘no’ is your condition that you put on it.


Is that what you are trying to confirm?

Also, I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that if you have cookies on by default, it will create a user for any user that isn’t logged into your site. I think @sudsy confirmed this in his link.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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No, it’s actually the opposite. (Unfortunately, Bubble’s UI is not as “friendly” as it could be.) What the debugger is showing is that the condition is true - i.e. current user is not logged in. The “no” is referring to element visibility. Basically, you must read the debugger as rows - not columns. That’s what @J805 is pointing out.


Thanks @J805 @sudsy for figuring out.
It’s much appreciated.

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