How could you set the default value of a radio group?

We created a Test data type and inserted three values: “your name”, “his name”, “her name”

In the editor we wanted to set a radio group which would be filled with these three dynamic choises and also have as a default value an arbitrary choice, so we did this:

Unfortunately the resulting page looked like that:

Not sure how to set the default value…

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Let us have a look, what you’re doing seem fine.

The current implementation lets the user choose nothing (empty) if he wishes and also inside the editor there is no “This input should not be empty” selection so you would have to manually check if the user has selected a radio button or none at all.

Let us know if we need to contact support for that.

So the first issue (default value) was a bug on our end, it’s fixed, deployed later today.

Yes we felt like for a radio button, the “This input should not be empty” option wasn’t necessary. Do you need it?

Thanks for the swift response
Not really need it if default value is working properly.
Could you ping when this is fixed?

Should be fixed now.

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Hello, seems like the radio button “default value” field isn’t available again. Is this on purpose?