Setting default value of a radio button

Hi all, I have a small and hopefully simple issue.

I have a radio button set that is dynamic - using data from an option set. The option set has two fields : currency code and currency description.

The currency description is displayed, and when the use selects the currency they want and clicks a button “save”, the currency code gets written to a field called “currency” in the user’s record.

What I want to happen is that whenever the user comes back to this screen, the default value for the radio button is whatever the user’s current currency is. I don’t seem to be able to do this because the default value would be based on the current user and not the option set, see below:

Is there a way to overcome this? Or do I have to use static rather than dynamic values (which would be pretty clunky imo).

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Hey @debbie :wave:

I see how that can be difficult. There are a few different ways to do this, here is one option.

Instead of saving just the currency code, you should save the whole option set to your user. So you need to create another field ‘subscription currency’ on the user. Make sure the type is actually the option set and not a text. Then you can save and display the option set in the way that you want.

Does that make sense? :blush:

Hi @J805 , sorry I should have mentioned that I’d already done that… like this, right?

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Oh. Then just remove ‘display’ at the end where your error is. :blush:

Sorry I don’t understand…what do I need to remove?

No worries. Let me try to take a screenshot for you. :blush:

Your error says ‘Current user’s currency’s display’ but it should be ‘Current user’s currency’.

Does that help?

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That worked! Thank you so much.

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Glad that helped. :blush: