Radio buttons default value not clickable

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I’m practicing on a todo list. Trying to set a recurring interval for todos. I’ve created radio buttons which contains 4 elements (Not recurring - 0, every day - 1, once a week - 7, once a month - 30, which are coming dynamicly from a new data type called recursion, which has a label and a value ) and I would like to set “not recurring” as default value. But “Default value” field does not get focus when I click on it. I have also an issue regarding to that “Todo recurring: Default value should be Recusrion but right now it is a text”. But as I said, I am not able to write anything into that field. See pictures below:

Thanks for any help.

In default value do a search for recursions: first item (with the constraint to find the unique id of the one you want).

Alternatively, you can avoid using recursions as a data type. Consider setting it up as an options set.

Below an unrelated example using the options set of a range of prices:

Thank you very much for you reply. I have not used option set before. It seems to be more appropriate for my tasks.
But unfortunatelly I’m still not able to click into the “Default value” box to set any value. If a hover the inputbox of default value, the background gets darker, but my cursor does not appaer in it, does not get focus.

Thank you for your help again.

I’ve cleared every input field regarding my radio buttons and filled them again and now Default value is clickable and values appear in that. So it’s working now.

To summer up: clear every field and fill it again.

Thanks for the help again.

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