How Create a Custom State of "List of hours" of a date

Please, somebody, guide me to create a custom state of “List of hours” of a date

I am using two date picker as start and end.

Thank you in advance.

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So, just to check…

If you input

07:00 on one date picker and 17:00 on another …

What do you want to see in your state, and are these texts or “dates”.

“dates” with the different hour value e.g. 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 till the 2nd date picker value

@NigelG kindly help-out I have been struggling with this since I joined bubble.

Am trying to set the custom state to a rg as to fetch data for that particular date & hour

OK, understood.

And if the hours go over a day, or multiple days, you want it to roll over the hours ?

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Yes - when the value of “picker A” is selected the value of “picker B” = Pick A value + hour’s

where i am stuck, is making the list of dates/hour from the values of the two date picker

You can calculate the number of hours between A and B by subtracting one from the other as seconds and divding by 60 twice, then doing a mod 24 and rounding.


Put that into the toolbox plugin “List Of Numbers” and you will have a list of numbers that correspond to the hours between A and B as an offset.

In your repeating group pull in the numbers, you can point to that list, and in the display show the time as A’s time (as hours) +hours, this should show the hours.

Depending on when you start (is 07:00 the first entry ?) then you may need to add an extra hour on.

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@NigelG appreciate the prompt help and guidance … thank you.

well the result required needs to be a ‘date value’ :thinking:

I am using the Air Date/Time picker, customizing the blockexample the result is not showing time (formatted as). Previously, the time format in the datepicker was was 12 hour, even after changing into 24 hours, only the cell number comes as a result.

Perhaps, to filter the data date and time-wise i would be needing a date value.

Kindly help to an output of list of date with time.

Somebody please kindly suggest a way out.[quote=“veshoe231, post:7, topic:29629, full:true”]
@NigelG appreciate the prompt help and guidance … thank you.

well the result required needs to be a ‘date value’ :thinking:

Perhaps, to filter the data, date and time-wise i would be needing a date value.

Kindly help to an output of list of date with time.

Ah, ok, I see.

That is the problem with trying to provide assistance when there is no actual app to amend.

One only gets vital information after the event.

It may be easier to share your app.

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Please kindly help me out of this…


What is the repeating group you want to have hours in ?

RepeatingGroup number - the green rg.

@NigelG if you don’t mind please kindly check the air date/time picker I have put constraint on it but its not functioning accordingly. Your kind help is greatly appericated.

Thank you

Why are you changing the 2nd Airdate picker to 20 ?

its the closing time actually… and it remains the same for all days

Got it.

So what do you want to see here …

For the corresponding date / time & Teacher (RG : faculty / RG : date) RG Client = the schedule client ‘student’

@NigelG in the below app using the expression plugin the creator has pulled out date …

I think using the same logic with little change in the expression and setting the input field … list of date&time value’s could be pulled…

Well being a non-coder … don’t ow to write the expression, would you kindly see to it… a big-time solution for all bubblers.

Thanking you in advance.

@josh @emmanuel, please can you do something for this

I am still not entirely sure what you mean.

Could you mock up what you want the table to look like ? Using an example ?


For now, I am able to achieve my requirement a bit differently.

I created data type (work days)
day=date value (picked date with various day e.g. mon,tue) & Hours List with day = date (having the same day with various hours)

Like, working day, open hour/closing

when the date picker value is selected
custom state value = search for working days: filtered’s [advanced: this working days’day : extract day is this date picker value : extract day] hours

Hence, could pull the list of date (selected date) various hours

I wanted to custom the list of date/hours… as to filter data in RG as per the date & hour

Hope the explanation is good … but would do a mock-up for all the bubblers requiring the same