Why doesn't the Date/Time Picker have a 'Maximum Time' option?

It would be more useful than ‘Maximum Hour’ in many cases, no?

I’m sure it’s a common situation that there’s a start date and end date that users can edit, where the start date shouldn’t accept a value later than the end date, and vice versa. How is this accomplished?

I see how to stop a workflow from running in the above scenario, but how do I make it so the Date/Time Picker won’t accept the wrong value in the first place.


If you’re a psycho (like me) you can build any sort of calendar interface you want with a repeating group. (I have a whole app that’s more-or-less based on the custom calendars idea that @codurly posted way-back-when… it’s not an easy thing, and it’s not the most performant calendar interface ever, but it ain’t bad).

BUT… the vanilla Bubble D/T Picker does have a max time option (because it has Max Date, which of course SHOULD allow you to set max date to current date/time:+hours 0.2333 or whatever). But that feature isn’t implemented properly. Because Bubble is designed for people who do not realize that dates ARE times (and vice-versa).

So basically there’s a lot of built in stuff that’s helpful to many, but doesn’t do what one really ideally wants if one knows what one is doing (and what one wants to do) vis-a-vis date/times.

^^^ so I guess that’s “why”

What we really sort of need in Bubble (and it would be cool for someone to build some sort of native component like this) is a “time grid” type of thing that’s like a repeating group (it could be “any” size in 1 or 2 dimensions) but (unlike an RG) would only deal with time intervals (and so would not face some of the performance issues that RGs are prone to – as when you load them with a very hefty datatype and the browser goes hog wild downloading every associated “thing” connected to that datatype, right?)…

And then you’d just manage those time grid things using the quite substantial date/time functions in Bubble (though I would add: Bubble team, please expose more capabilities of Moment/Moment-timezone… we’re pretty sure it uses those libraries… right?)

Damned thorough reply, thanks @keith!

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