How do create an icon delete or edit option?

hello guys.
I want to create an icon with two options, “like dropdown” one that deletes another that edits how can I put these options on the icon?

I know how to put each of them in 2 icons each but is it possible to create options in just one icon?
thanks for helping me

Hey @michelvsouza ,
You would do this with a GroupFocus. When you click the icon you will show a group focus that has 2 options: delete and edit.

Here’s an example showing you how to set it up: Dow-coaching | Bubble Editor
Screen Shot 2022-07-09 at 5.17.35 PM


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hey man thanks a lot for help me but it doesn’t work with repeating group :sleepy:

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Hi @michelvsouza

Covert the GroupFocus into a reusable element and set the content type to that of the repeating group.

Once that’s done, setup the conditional to show the reusable.
When icon is clicked
Action: toggle the element.

If you’ve got any follow up questions, please let me know.


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