What group for a dropdown?


Essentially I want this, for each little pen icon I can click and a dropdown appears. Using a repeating group for this. My brain is fried on how to do this.

The reference image was made in bubble FYI.

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don’t use a repeating group. Add a group focus and reference it to the pencil element. Clicking on it shows the group focus element (to improve UX, make sure to add a conditional for the pencil icon so it isn’t clickable when the group focus is visible). Don’t forget to hide the group focus element at the end of each item (inside of it) workflow.

Hey Barnet RPC!

My name is Drake, and I am the owner of Terminal by Afterthought System, which is where you grabbed that screenshot from.

I’m all for spreading knowledge, and am more than happy to help you accomplish this too.

How we did it was:

1.) Make a reusable element, type Group
2.) Make the background transparent completely.
3.) Add a shape, that is also transparent
4.) In this reusable create a GroupFocus, thats for that shape
5.) Design!

Good luck!

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Thanks, Drake, I love terminal!

Just wondering, how did you come about making it actually display where you desire?